Compassionate Generosity: Kid-Version

I love thinking and talking about matters of faith. Long, thoughtful, Christ-centered discussions feed my spirit. However, I’ve found in my years as a parent that sometimes the best way to sink an important truth deep into my own heart is to explain it to my children. Losing all the extra words and breaking concepts down into age-appropriate chunks helps my kids grow in their understanding of what it means to live for God, but I’m quite convinced that it helps me even more. I would guess I’m not the only one who benefits from the occasional kid-version on matters of faith, so here is one of the “For Kids” devotionals from A Common Meal to help remind us what the end of Rice & Beans Month is all about:

The children who attend the Nutrition Program (at Grace & Healing Ministry in Tanzania) are very thankful for those meals, because at home they often have very little food or no food. Does one good meal a day sound like enough? It is helping them A LOT, but there is still a long way to go to help the children and their families have enough food for ALL their meals EVERY day.

Rice & Beans Month is one way that God is using all of us to help provide for these children. Because God is using you in this way already while you’re young, it’s pretty amazing to think of all the many ways he will teach you to be loving and compassionate to others throughout your whole life!

Together with your family, take a few moments to pray for hungry children who are struggling with diseases in their bodies. Pray that God will continue to encourage their hearts and provide for their needs, and that our fast can be one of the ways God answers their prayers and takes care of them. Pray that God will continue to show you and your family many ways to love and care for others.

Rice & Beans Month has grown every year since its inception, and I am excited to see that trend continue this year. It is amazing to think that our community of participants can make it possible to take yet another leap toward the goal of food security and sustainability for all the children served by Lahash. Take some time to tally up the money you saved by eating simple meals, and donate it online at or mail a check payable to Lahash International to 1315 SE 20th Ave, Portland, OR 97214.

Thank you for your compassionate generosity!