Hungry For Connection

It’s one thing to change your diet, it’s another thing to change your heart. Throughout this experience, we’ll be reflecting on scripture and exploring our deepest hungers and how they can be most truly satisfied. We pray that they give you a taste of the spiritual significance behind Rice & Beans Month, and that you receive generous portions of God’s love and grace.

Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. (Galatians 6:2)

How much does solidarity weigh? Is it a burden I will be able to bear? People whose hearts crave meaningful connection to others want to live out the answers to those questions, knowing that there will be a cost.

The shoulders of the vulnerable are slumped under life’s burdens. Little ones who should be running and laughing with childlike joy are struggling to balance heavy loads. Solidarity does not ask, “How do I make these burdens disappear?” but rather, “How can I share them? How can I help?” We join our lives with the lives of the vulnerable by shoving our shoulders up under that load and shifting the weight to our own backs. We can’t remove it completely, but we can make sure they’re not alone in the struggle.

Solidarity requires that we seek ways to identify with the hardships of others, even though it costs us our own comfort and ease. Jesus lived in solidarity with us for 33 years on earth. He carried humanity’s full weight, sacrificing his life for the chance to walk side by side with those he loves. As we follow his footsteps, may we bear each other’s burdens, may the weight be divided, may the love be multiplied, and may no one be left to walk alone.

Reflection Questions:

Has anyone ever helped you carry one of life’s burdens? How did that affect you?

How are you practicing solidarity today? 

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