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  • Rice & Beans Month 2016 is coming!

    Over the past 6 years, we have seen God do amazing things through this unique event. God has shaped our hearts and tweaked our priorities through simplified meals and intentional love for our friends in East Africa. And God has used our grocery savings to help improve nutrition for hundreds of vulnerable children struggling with hunger. Last year, over $12,000 was ...

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  • Gardens Of Hope

    by Casey Schilperoort photos by Saggiah Wright   "You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail." - Isaiah 58:11 These words from the prophet Isaiah are a beautiful promise. But in the dry and dusty village of Mwamalili, this imagery feels strange and out of reach. Droughts threaten water supplies and cloudless skies stretch on for months. Entire fields lay cracked and waiting, like ...

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  • Fasting & Feasting

    by Casey Schilperoort   I have been thinking about fasting, perhaps because we spent all of March eating rice and beans at every meal. I have also been thinking about feasting (perhaps for the same reason). I used to think of fasting only as cutting something out completely, whether it was food, coffee, or the internet. But I ...

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  • “Dear Friends” – A Letter from Tanzania

    In 2011 our Tanzanian partners at Grace & Healing Ministry began a Nutrition Program to serve lunch to children living with HIV in their community. Funded through Rice & Beans Month donations, this program has continued to dramatically impact the lives and health of these children ever since. Read this letter that we recently received from the director of the program, Esther Muhagachi. Dear Friends, Every Friday the kids we support at Grace & Healing Ministry ...

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  • Rice & Beans In Perspective

    For all of us, the month began with a plate of rice and beans, but we hope your experience doesn't end there. Below, guest blogger Nina Horn shares how this month has shaped her family and broadened their perspective. How has this month impacted you? Share your story with us at Rice & Beans in Perspective By Nina Horn I love that Rice & Beans Month is an invitation to perspective taking — the ability and ...

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  • Video: Encouragement from Mama Esther

    We could all use a little encouragement as we simplify our diets this month! We hope these words from our friend and East African partner, Mama Esther, provide you with some of that needed inspiration as we approach the end of Rice & Beans Month. We also recently received an email from Mama Esther reminding us that, Our staff and all kids are aware that this is the month that you are ...

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  • A Cup of Hot Uji in Jesus’ Name

    In western Tanzania, Rice & Beans Month donations are being poured out in the form of hot porridge, called "uji" (oo-jee), into the waiting cups of vulnerable children. During a recent visit, our new friends and partners at Path of Hope took the Lahash team out to a rural village where they ...

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  • Rice & Beans in Community

    Special thanks to guest blogger, Nina Horn, for sharing her family's story of how community deepens the experience of Rice & Beans Month. ___________ “Mama, can we eat rice and beans today, pleeeaase?” My four year old son begged as he came into the kitchen for breakfast. I wish I could say this occurred on the 10th day of Rice & Beans Month, but it was actually February 28th. I wasn’t about to make rice and beans ...

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  • New Video: Tanzania Nutrition Program

    Our simple meals are having a big impact! In Tanzania a lunch program is targeting the nutritional needs of vulnerable kids struggling with the effects of HIV. As their diets improve so does their health. Virginia Whitney, a Physicians Assistant from Oregon, experienced the results of this program first-hand. See her inspiring story in this video. Thank you for joining us during Rice & Beans Month, and changing your diet to help change theirs!

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  • Seeing Beyond

    "Seeing Beyond" written by Melinda Haak We have felt many times in our 11 years of marriage like we couldn’t reach out to help or minister to someone because we simply couldn’t afford to. We couldn’t cook a meal for a friend because, frankly, we barely had the funds to feed our growing family. We couldn’t go out with a friend for coffee because we were embarrassed to ...

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