• Eating Gabriel’s Lunch

    Our two-year-old has learned to pronounce "solidarity," but the best way to learn what it means is to live it! Through the Lahash Sponsorship Program, we sponsor two precious kids in Tanzania named Anjelina and Baraka. We always feel a deeper connection to them during Rice & Beans Month. We love knowing that their food will increase in quantity and variety because our food ...

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  • Tips As You Prepare For Rice & Beans Month

    Here are some useful tips to help you prepare for Rice & Beans Month. Engaging in the spiritual and physical aspects of Rice & Beans Month goes more smoothly if you do a few simple things to get ready beforehand! Pray about it. Keep the month before God, seeking his direction for what your participation will look like this year. Buy some rice and beans. You definitely ...

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  • Participant Profile – Brownell Family

    The Brownell family is participating in Rice & Beans Month for the first time in 2015, with a theme of “Rice & Beans Around the World.” Their unique take on Rice & Beans Month is inspired by a lifestyle of international travel and meaningful advocacy on behalf of vulnerable people in various parts of the world. Amy and Eugene have been married since 1999, and between the two of them, the list of countries lived or ...

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  • Brownell Family Meal Plan – “Rice & Beans Around The World”

    The Brownell family in Portland, Oregon, chose a theme of "Rice & Beans Around The World" for their first year of Rice & Beans Month. Amy Brownell is a self-described "easily-bored cook" who often seeks inspiration from online recipe sources. Check out her list below for a potential new meal idea or two! *Amy's disclaimers: Many of these recipes are like ones I’ve made before, but not exactly.  Others I’ve never made, but they look about ...

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    Whether you started rice and beans for Lent in February, or are just entering week two of March, it's a great time for a little recipe inspiration. Rice & Beans Month participants posted the following recipes to the Rice & Beans facebook page: From Lin Willet - sweet potato cakes with black bean salsa (served at the Kickoff Dinner - yum!)

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  • Rice and Beans on Pinterest

    There are plenty of appetizing, unique and downright odd Rice and Beans recipes to be found on Pinterest. A few participants have set up Rice and Beans themed boards, full of recipes. Please feel free to check them out, get ideas and report back if you try any ...

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  • See What’s Cooking!

    Don't forget to visit the recipe section of this website and the Rice & Beans Facebook page for some great recipes to help you through the month!  There are some easy favorites from the past few years, and brand new recipes from others who are participating with you this month.

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  • The Heart of Hospitality

    "The Heart of Hospitality" Learning to trade entertainment for fellowship Written by Erin Holcomb I picked up the phone and swallowed hard, not knowing how awkward this call would be. I was about to make a leap into uncharted territory. I was inviting friends over for dinner. Hosting a meal is something I usually look forward to doing. But this time was different. It was March 2010, and it ...

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  • Feasting On Your Fast

    One of the consistent remarks I hear each year during Rice & Beans Month is how it forces you to try new recipes.  It is interesting that simplifying our diets leads us to expand and stretch our cooking skills and taste buds. Many cultures around the world eat rice and beans in various combinations, and the result is a seemingly endless selection of unique, delicious, and exotic recipes. Although many of the "simple" meals we ...

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