Whether you started rice and beans for Lent in February, or are just entering week two of March, it's a great time for a little recipe inspiration. Rice & Beans Month participants posted the following recipes to the Rice & Beans facebook page: From Lin Willet - sweet potato cakes with black bean salsa (served at the Kickoff Dinner - yum!) http://www.adashofsanity.com/2013/10/sweet-potato-cakes-with-black-bean-salsa/

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  • If You’re Hungry, Raise Your Hand

    It is one of the first skills children learn at school. If you want to say something, if you know the answer, if you need attention, raise your hand. Be identified. Say, “I’m here.” For the children in the Nutrition Program at Grace and Healing Ministries in Dodoma, Tanzania (GHMD), being identified impacts not only their school experience but every area of life, because it means their HIV status is out in the open.

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  • The Good, The Bad, And The Hungry

    Have you ever wondered how Rice & Beans Month got started? Executive Director Dan Holcomb shares a few words about the origins of this unique event:   Several years ago, I took an honest look at our organization. I saw a team filled with passionate activism making a significant impact in the lives of hundreds of vulnerable people in East Africa. But at the same time, ...

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  • Participant Profile – Serena Haak

    Serena Haak has a rice allergy. But that didn't stop her from participating creatively! As a Portland Central Young Life leader, she spends a lot of time hanging out with high school students who have little or no familiarity with following Jesus, and no exposure to an idea like Rice & Beans Month:

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  • Participant Profile – Keith and Jen Johnson Family

    How does Rice & Beans Month work for families with kids? Many families in the U.S. and other parts of the world have been figuring this out for the past five years, with meaningful and positive results! Here is one example: Hoping to make Rice & Beans Month an annual family event, we didn’t want our kids to hate it the first year. When our girls were four and five, we started with one dinner of ...

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  • Participant Profile – Jim and Annette Anderson

    Jim Anderson and his wife, Annette, are treasured members of the Portland Lahash community. They ate a lot of rice and beans during the first few years of the event! They now live in a senior community. Jim shares a few reflections on how this transition has changed their approach: "Living in a senior community complicates Rice & Beans Month. ...

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  • Rice & Beans in Community

    Special thanks to guest blogger, Nina Horn, for sharing her family's story of how community deepens the experience of Rice & Beans Month. ___________ “Mama, can we eat rice and beans today, pleeeaase?” My four year old son begged as he came into the kitchen for breakfast. I wish I could say this occurred on the 10th day of Rice & Beans Month, but it was actually February 28th. I wasn’t about to make rice and beans ...

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  • Rice & Beans in Color

    It isn't always easy for kids to eat rice and beans for a month but here's a fun way to get them excited. One of our child sponsors, Matt Mahder, created a coloring page that you can download to give kids another tangible way to connect with Rice & Beans Month. To download just click the image below. We would love to see some finished pages! You can send a photo of your completed coloring ...

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  • Rice and Beans Anyone?

    "Rice and Beans Anyone?" written by Virginia Whitney In the fall of 2013, I traveled to Tanzania with the Lahash team. My experience was amazing. I would even venture to say life changing. We stayed in people’s homes, ate the local food, and rode the public transportation. While there, I had an opportunity to share a meal with some incredible kids who are part of a nutrition program funded by Rice & Beans Month. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600" ...

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  • Planning to Eat More

    "Planning to Eat More" written by John Dictson Every year, I find myself making lists of resolutions. Resolutions to pray and study the Bible more, to strengthen relationships with friends and family and, of course, to exercise and eat better. My annual resolution to eat better usually includes not only eating healthier foods but also eating less food in general.

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