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  • The Month That Lasted a Lifetime

    Before Rice & Beans Month, Doug and Anya Holcomb of Portland, Oregon shopped for food the way a lot of people do, stopping on their way home from work and rarely sticking to a grocery budget. “We often felt overwhelmed trying to figure out what to eat for dinner,” said Anya. “it seemed like there were so many options and like we ‘should’ be eating different things every night of the week.” [caption id="attachment_317" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Anya, ...

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  • Simple, Not Easy: My Rice & Beans Reflections by Todd Workhoven

    This year was my first rice & Beans experience, and I was determined and excited to dive in as much as possible. Simplicity, solidarity, and sharing! Huzzah! I remember lining up my beans in rows according to variety and color, putting my rice in spanking new Tupperware containers, organizing my medley of spices and oils just ...

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  • Welcome to Rice & Beans Month

    Welcome to the Rice & Beans Month website. We are glad that you've stopped by our corner of the web and hope you enjoy sampling our "mega bites". We are about to enter our third year of Rice & Beans Month. For those returning and reconnecting after past years of involvement - welcome back! For ...

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