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  • Participant Profile – Josh Petersen

    Hearing the stories of other Rice & Beans participants is a great source of encouragement for the journey. Although we unite around a common purpose, our life circumstances and the ways we live out this purpose vary greatly! We'll be featuring three Participant Profiles this month, beginning with Josh Petersen. Josh is a Lahash volunteer, and a student at Warner Pacific University. He participated in Rice & Beans Month for the first time last year with ...

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  • Eating Gabriel’s Lunch

    Our two-year-old has learned to pronounce "solidarity," but the best way to learn what it means is to live it! Through the Lahash Sponsorship Program, we sponsor two precious kids in Tanzania named Anjelina and Baraka. We always feel a deeper connection to them during Rice & Beans Month. We love knowing that their food will increase in quantity and variety because our food ...

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  • Eyes Full of Hope

    Is the life of one fragile child worth fighting for? Not everyone would answer this question the same way... “You are struggling for nothing. Gabriel is going to die soon.” When Gabriel was first enrolled in the Lahash Sponsorship Program, the local program staff in Tanzania fought for his health against formidable odds. He was HIV-positive, sick, and malnourished. The comment about ...

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  • It’s About Our Hearts

    In her role as Lahash Sponsorship Director, Katie Nelson has a unique perspective on the impact that Rice & Beans Month makes in the lives of children in East Africa. She is in contact with the staff at all our partnerships regularly, and has traveled to East Africa many times. This direct experience has certainly shaped her own participation in Rice & Beans Month! She shared ...

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  • Miracle Seeds

    In rural Tanzania, the good news of the gospel is taking root, alongside village vegetable gardens... In Mwamalili village in northern Tanzania, a new church plant is growing. The area is known for witchcraft and tribal beliefs, so for the seeds of the gospel to take root is nothing short of miraculous. Growing crops in this arid region is nearly as difficult. Plants ...

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