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  • Participant Profile – Brownell Family

    The Brownell family is participating in Rice & Beans Month for the first time in 2015, with a theme of “Rice & Beans Around the World.” Their unique take on Rice & Beans Month is inspired by a lifestyle of international travel and meaningful advocacy on behalf of vulnerable people in various parts of the world. Amy and Eugene have been married since 1999, and between the two of them, the list of countries lived or ...

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  • Brownell Family Meal Plan – “Rice & Beans Around The World”

    The Brownell family in Portland, Oregon, chose a theme of "Rice & Beans Around The World" for their first year of Rice & Beans Month. Amy Brownell is a self-described "easily-bored cook" who often seeks inspiration from online recipe sources. Check out her list below for a potential new meal idea or two! *Amy's disclaimers: Many of these recipes are like ones I’ve made before, but not exactly.  Others I’ve never made, but they look about ...

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  • Fasting & Feasting

    by Casey Schilperoort   I have been thinking about fasting, perhaps because we spent all of March eating rice and beans at every meal. I have also been thinking about feasting (perhaps for the same reason). I used to think of fasting only as cutting something out completely, whether it was food, coffee, or the internet. But I ...

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  • Rice & Beans in Community: A Note From Pastor Brown

    Portlanders Matthew and Nina Horn relocated to Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and joined the fellowship at Stahl Mennonite Church. They introduced their new church family to Rice & Beans Month, with the encouragement of Pastor Bob Brown. Even though the Horn family has since returned to Portland, Pastor Brown and Stahl Mennonite are continuing the Rice & Beans tradition as a 40-day Lenten experience. Pastor Brown shares the following thoughts about what this has meant for their ...

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  • 26Together: We Love You!

    by Josh Petersen, 26Together Coordinator Familiarity. Permanence. Reliability. These are things that children of Amazing Grace in Northern Uganda rarely experienced before coming to the Children’s Home. As orphans and refugees, they have lived in unfamiliar lands, lacked the consistent presence of caregivers, ...

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