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  • Planning to Eat More

    "Planning to Eat More" written by John Dictson Every year, I find myself making lists of resolutions. Resolutions to pray and study the Bible more, to strengthen relationships with friends and family and, of course, to exercise and eat better. My annual resolution to eat better usually includes not only eating healthier foods but also eating less food in general.

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  • Feeling Full

    "Feeling Full" One family's reflections on the highs (and lows) of Rice & Beans Month written by Jen Johnson Although our family initially seemed excited for the beginning of Rice & Beans Month, it quickly became apparent that our excitement was more about the “idea” of Rice & Beans Month than the actual execution of it. During a meal planning conversation, our seven-year-old’s answer to everything was, “I ...

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  • The Heart of Hospitality

    "The Heart of Hospitality" Learning to trade entertainment for fellowship Written by Erin Holcomb I picked up the phone and swallowed hard, not knowing how awkward this call would be. I was about to make a leap into uncharted territory. I was inviting friends over for dinner. Hosting a meal is something I usually look forward to doing. But this time was different. It was March 2010, and it ...

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  • Rice & Beans & Imago Dei, Oh My!

      My Imago Dei home community loves food. For years, we have hosted potlucks every other week with fun themes like international food, comfort food, red and green foods, casseroles, etc. Between potlucks, someone always brings snacks. These can range from bacon wrapped dates to vegan cookies to popcorn. We have bachelors who can only ...

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  • The Month That Lasted a Lifetime

    Before Rice & Beans Month, Doug and Anya Holcomb of Portland, Oregon shopped for food the way a lot of people do, stopping on their way home from work and rarely sticking to a grocery budget. “We often felt overwhelmed trying to figure out what to eat for dinner,” said Anya. “it seemed like there were so many options and like we ‘should’ be eating different things every night of the week.” [caption id="attachment_317" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Anya, ...

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  • Simple, Not Easy: My Rice & Beans Reflections by Todd Workhoven

    This year was my first rice & Beans experience, and I was determined and excited to dive in as much as possible. Simplicity, solidarity, and sharing! Huzzah! I remember lining up my beans in rows according to variety and color, putting my rice in spanking new Tupperware containers, organizing my medley of spices and oils just ...

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