A Common Meal


Through daily devotions for adults and kids, inspiring stories, and simple recipes A Common Meal invites us to explore our deepest hunger and how it can be truly satisfied.

Across East Africa, poverty and malnutrition devastate young lives. Entire families commonly go to sleep hungry, surviving on one meal a day. For vulnerable kids, basic nutrition is often a matter of life or death.


In many of our western communities, excess and indulgence can overfeed our bodies while starving our souls. Often entire families go to sleep feeling empty despite material wealth. Even though our plates are full, our hearts are unsatisfied.


But a different story is possible.


In East Africa, children who suffered in hunger and isolation now share nutritious meals with new friends. In the west, families step away from ease and comfort to find spiritual significance in a month of eating simply. All of us are learning to love in unique ways by sharing a common meal.


Let this book serve as a devotional and practical guide, taking you deeper into this experience. Welcome to a different story. Welcome to Rice & Beans Month!

A Common Meal is available for $10 through Amazon.com.

All royalties from each purchase help fund Rice & Beans Month nutrition projects.

We want to make sure everyone has access to this great resource. If the cost is a barrier, just email us directly at info@lahash.org to request a free copy of the book!