• Seeing Beyond

    "Seeing Beyond" written by Melinda Haak We have felt many times in our 11 years of marriage like we couldn’t reach out to help or minister to someone because we simply couldn’t afford to. We couldn’t cook a meal for a friend because, frankly, we barely had the funds to feed our growing family. We couldn’t go out with a friend for coffee because we were embarrassed to ...

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  • See What’s Cooking!

    Don't forget to visit the recipe section of this website and the Rice & Beans Facebook page for some great recipes to help you through the month!  There are some easy favorites from the past few years, and brand new recipes from others who are participating with you this month.

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  • New Video – “More Than A Meal”

    Welcome to Rice and Beans Month 2013! As you start the month keep in mind that the choices you make to simplify your meals this month are changing lives in East Africa and have the potential to change your life as well. As you kick off the month we invite you to check out the new video below and hope you will connect with us more deeply on Facebook. You will also find ...

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  • 2013 Rice & Beans Month Kickoff Dinner

    Monday, February 18 saw the kickoff meal for 2013's Rice & Bean Month at the Lahash house in Portland.  About 40 men, women, and children gathered to share a pot luck meal of their favorite rice and beans recipes.  After a great meal of several savory dishes, Lahash media director Casey Schilperoort showed the 2013 Rice & Beans Month video, which highlights how ...

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  • Countdown to Rice & Beans!

    The year is well underway, and we’re headed straight into March, which means it’s Rice & Beans Month at Lahash! Rice & Beans Month is an easy and meaningful way to simplify the way you eat in order to stand in solidarity with other brothers and sisters, and then share the money you saved on food with the hungry in East Africa. It’s a simple, practical, and meaningful ...

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  • Welcome to Rice & Beans Month

    Welcome to the Rice & Beans Month website. We are glad that you've stopped by our corner of the web and hope you enjoy sampling our "mega bites". We are about to enter our third year of Rice & Beans Month. For those returning and reconnecting after past years of involvement - welcome back! For ...

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