Rice & Beans Month Is For KIDS!

At 5 years old, Emrick is already a veteran participant in Rice & Beans Month. He knows how it works, and this year he and his family are sharing the experience with his preschool! This is how his mom, Stacy, explained what they do to the other families of Sonshine Express:

Emrick is in charge when it comes to Rice & Beans Month at our house! As we shop, Emrick remembers that we aren’t getting anything extra, instead we get to put that money aside for our three sponsored kids: Philipo, Mateso, and Bett!

We keep it simple and usually just have different rice and beans for dinner, sometimes with a veggie. I got to eat rice and beans with the kids we sponsor and many other Lahash kids when I traveled to Tanzania, so I truly see the impact of any amount we save. I also see it as a bonus in meal planning when every dinner is the same! We feel so blessed that there is a very simple way that we can make a solid impact in the lives of those who need it.

Instead of making a choice on what to eat, we make a choice to ensure that those kiddos get to eat. Praise the Lord for our abundance!

A display board at Sonshine Express Preschool helps families learn about and participate in Rice & Beans Month.

It is easy for young children to grasp the concept of Rice & Beans Month. Even if they are picky eaters and frequent meals based on rice and beans are not practical, they can still begin to see themselves as people who care about others and are able to make a difference in their lives. Sonshine Express has a goal of raising $250 to help feed hungry families in East Africa. Maybe some families will swap one takeout meal for a simple meal prepared at home. Maybe some will try eating rice and beans once a week. Or maybe it’s not really about the food, but about watching some of the videos at EatRiceAndBeans.com/video and talking about what they see and learn. Any way that young families begin to engage with Rice & Beans Month is the right way!

For Emrick’s family, participating in Rice & Beans Month is a special way to connect with the kids they sponsor through Lahash. Choosing to eat foods similar to theirs is a way to share meals together! And they love knowing that the money they donate helps benefit Philipo, Mateso, Bett, and many of their friends! Sponsoring a child is another great way for children to expand their understanding of the global family of God and find their place in it. If you’d like to find out more about sponsoring a child through Lahash, please visit lahash.org/sponsorship.