Gabriel’s Lunch


Lahash’s partner ministry, Grace & Healing Ministry in Tanzania has started a nutrition program for children with HIV. The food they serve has dramatically improved the lives of many medically fragile children like Gabriel, even though it is quite simple. The kids’ plates are piled high with rice, beans, cooked greens, and a banana. At times it is the only food they eat that day. Replicate this meal at home, and know that you are eating a life-saving meal in solidarity with Gabriel and his friends! You can read more of Gabriel’s story on the blog.

  • Rice
  • Beans – pinto or similar type
  • 2 T oil
1-2 tomatoes (or use tomato sauce)
1-2 cloves garlic, pressed or minced
  • Chopped greens (like kale, collard, or spinach)
  • Bananas

Cook rice in pot or rice cooker. Beans can be canned, or use cooked dry beans – heat them in a pot and season as desired. In a skillet, sauté garlic and add tomatoes or tomato sauce. Once hot, add chopped greens and cook until wilted and soft, adding salt and pepper (or other seasonings) to taste. Just like the GHMD kids, fill plates with a serving each of rice, beans, and greens, with a banana on the side.